composition help? (b&w unfinished fanart)
this artwork is not polished yet! something is bothering me, I think it's mainly the composition and value(?) I still cant pin point what's wrong any criticisms are welcome!
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I'm with @Joey Edgar on this one. If you split the painting into thirds, both vertical and horizontal, there's an "unbalance" towards the bottom left, since there are more elements present there. One way you could counteract this is either by adding elements on the top right (but that might add visual clutter), or leave a bit more breathing room in the bottom left. This could also help guide the user to follow the gaze of the "reaper" to the neck of the person, which is one of the contrasting highlights of the piece. Value wise, I think that the middle section of the reaper might be over-represented. Maybe a darker tint could help maintain the two interest points (the face of the "reaper", and the neck of the person). Hope this helps, and good luck!
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Joey Edgar
I'd like to see the "reaper" figures head shifted a little more over to the right of center. It's a cool idea. Maybe you should do one like this with the entire figures. It's based on the Pieta right?
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