Caricature of man with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis
I saw him and knew i needed to paint him. Thoughts? What could I improve in my caricature art?
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Martha Muniz
Omg 😂 inspiration certainly comes from the most unexpected places, doesn't it? I do think you got his resemblance quite well! One thing I would note is that his eyes appear further apart than average, so pushing that in your caricature can continue the resemblance. Another fun exercise to try if you want to continue pushing the caricature is to capture a likeness with just a simple shape representing his face shape. His very long face with high cheekbones can give you excellent material to play around with exaggeration. If you have any caricature style in mind, from Disney to cartoony to more realistically rendered, do let me know! There are so many styles out there and approaches to the same face, it's great seeing a unique take on it each time.
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