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I recently started Ahmed Aldoori's Med's Map course. A first problem I have to deal with is the choice of brushes and the right techniques to use them. At first glance I cannot find a separate lesson about this anywhere in the course. Can anyone help me with a tip to a good tutorial on that subject? I am using the latest version of Procreate on an iPad pro OS 17.1.2. Thanks!
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Hey Jan, If you watch Med's videos for a bit you'll quickly see although there are quite a few brushes in the pack, he really only uses a couple of them. The textured oval brush (I think in the pack it has it's name in Kanji) primarily, and the soft round. I think it's normal for all of us to see just how many brushes are out there and think "which one is right" but really, a hard brush, a soft brush/airbrush and maybe one or two brushes with some texture to them if you want that painterly effect is really about all you need. Play around with some of the options in the pack and pick a few you like, if you want to follow along with Med that oval textured thing is what he uses the majority of the time.
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Thanks for your answer, Morelock! It looks like it's a matter of trial and error. To be honest, I didn't expect this. But I still think it is an amazing course.
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