Are the lines to hard?
Its a character i drew but i cant seem to do well with line Weight. i really like it but i dont have a good arm / hand. No i have not forgotten to shade it. I just havent done it yet. But lets get to the point what would you change to make this pop more or make it look better?. PS: yea the eyes are flat and dont follow perspective. I have a hard time with eyes.
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Patrick Bosworth
This is at a perfect stage to begin adding line weight! There are a lot of potential ways to begin, take a look the "How to Draw with Line Weight" lesson it will give you a good overview of how to organize your line weight. Here's a good overview from David Finch as well Experiment at this stage, beefing up the line weight of the overall silhouette is a good starting point to solidify the entire figure you're drawing. Then choose a light source and slowly build up the interior line weight where forms turn away from the light, under the chin, under the nose, inside the ear, etc. It's a balance to get the effect you're looking for, but work slowly and methodically and it will start to click, you'll quickly see where you can add line weight to make the lighting feel consistent. Once you do a pass of adding line weight, you can always go over it again to thin out lines with your eraser where lines are closer to the light source. Hope this helps!
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