Any critiques on my proportions would be appreciated.
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Jesper Axelsson
Hi @desmond68, nice drawing! Sure, I'll give some feedback on the proportions :) - The torso and head seem a little big. - In your next drawing, pay more attention to the angles. Apart from improving proportion, this will also help you capture the pose better. If you compare the leg, to the right side of the page in the drawing, with the same leg in the photo, they have different angles; in your drawing it leans to the right, instead of the left as it does in the photo. The arm is another example. In the photo the arm is bent into a sharper angle than in your drawing. Imagine striking the pose yourself; first as if you were posing as in your drawing, then as if you were posing as in the photo. Can you feel how bending the arm like in the photo has a different feel to it; more tension and energy. The point with mentioning this is that angles are not only a tool for copying things accurately; they also play a big role in capturing the gesture. You could even adjust the angles to bring more energy into the pose. You could also look for the angle between parts, like the knees for example. In your drawing they allign almost horizontally, whereas in the photo their relationship is oblique. - What are your art goals? What type of work do you want to create? Knowing this might help me guide you better. Do you have any examples of art, by artists that you admire, that is the type of work that you'd want to create yourself? I hope this helps :)
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Ian McNeill
Hello Desmond, Overall the pose is good. The expression of power is coming through. Regarding proportions, i think the perspective is throwing off some of them. The head is slightly bigger in your pose vs the reference. This is putting the head and right shoulder on the same plane. The fist is slightly bigger in the ref as well, due to the perspective from the lens. The right leg is turned a little too far inward making it appear flat. Watch the knee, if it turns out to the left just a bit more it should fix the issue. The left leg is also off but not due to positioning but by the length of the upper thigh vs the length of the calf. The calf is short, giving it a more shallow perspective. The issue here is that the camera and feet are on the level if you use the edge of the floor as the horizon line. Great job, as always!
Ohhh so that's why the arm that i drew looked off to me, thank you!
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