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Anime face critique
I'm not sure where exactly anime fits under, so I'll put it here. This is an anime drawing I did using extra paint I had. I'm wondering how this art specifically can be improved and where it may have issues, and also how I can generally improve in art.
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Hey I think this looks pretty good! the features are lined up and it looks like your thinking about the form/ the way the face is turning with the far eye going away from us and the face shape. What I would highly recommend to improve is to study how to construct the simple 3d forms of the head, here's how Micheal Hampton teaches how to break it down in the images. The point of doing this, even if your goal is to work in a more simplified style, is to be able to turn the form and make something 3-dimensionally sound. Particularly with faces its really important to understand the 3-dimensional construction of all the features, how they fit in relation to each other on the face, and the major plane changes on the surface of the face to be able to know what it will look like when the head turns. once you understand the more anatomical forms, you can simply them into a style since you still need the same principles for it to work. Understanding this stuff will help from flattening out drawings. hope this helps, and I highly recommend the book: figure drawing design and invention!
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Thank you for your feedback. I definitely struggle with knowing what the head/face would look like from different angles.