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Donny Shields
Here's an anatomy practice I did that I'd like a critique on. The drawing below on the left is mine and the colored one on the right is the reference I used.
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that reference is a challenging piece to pull anatomy from. They aren't showing bones (or even landmarks like the spine of the scapula or the PSIS) and they are grouping some of the muscles together. Frankly, I'm impressed by your effort of getting the simplified skeleton in there (seriously! that's a challenge). It's difficult to critique this because I don't know where you are on your anatomy journey but my impression is that you need to find references that show both the bones and the muscles and focus on smaller muscle groups before attacking the whole back.
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Donny Shields
Thanks, I've actually done basically all the anatomy assignments (except for the premium ones because I have no money). I'm rewatching to refresh myself.
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