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Boosting Productivity and Advice for Young Artists – Draftsmen S1E02

June 11, 20191 Comment

Stan gets a message on Instagram from a lazy artist. Stan and Marshall talk about the importance of focus, discipline, productivity, pushing past distractions, importance of environment, and mindful eating. Should you listen to music while you work? A young caller wants to know how get noticed as an artist.

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Be sure to check out more of Marshall’s art

Marshall’s Manga G Pen Inkings of animals from his 2019 spring animal drawing class with students, working from photographic reference:

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  1. Antonio Oliva says:

    Oh my gosh, your podcast image is too funny. Unfortunately, i will never see that painting in my art history books the same way again….

    Thanks for all both of you do! Be aware it is much appreciated…..

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