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Becoming More Creative – Draftsmen S1E21

October 22, 20190 Comments

Thinking of creative ideas is actually not that hard, but executing them, bring them to fruition, and solving real problems is much harder and requires creative skill. We’ll define what it means to be creative and some ways you can stimulate and improve your own creative abilities. A listener asks how he can increase his passion for art and Stan shows off some drawings he bought from Steven Bauman.

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Referenced Artists/Works:

Stan’s Stephen Bauman drawings

Sterling Clinton Hundley’s Ideation Course

Steven Sondheim

Steve Anderson photography

Brad Holland

Michelangelo – The Creation of Adam

Step by Step Graphics magazine

Vance Kovacs

Bob Mankoff – The Naked Cartoonist

John Gardner – The Art of Fiction

Gabriele Rico – Writing the natural way

Robert Rodriguez – Rebel Without a Crew

Robert Sapolsky – Being Human lectures

Stephen Bauman

Val Lewton: The Man in the Shadows

Buster Keaton

Lon Cheney

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