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Advice on Quicksketch, Pencil Control, Bargue, Style, and Teaching – Draftsmen S2E05

May 12, 20203 Comments

Marshall and Stan take a break from recreating art school to answer some of your voicemails! There’s advice on practicing quicksketch, pencil control, the value of the Bargue method, caring about what people think of your work, changing styles, and advice to aspiring teachers.

4:51 – What you should I focus on when practicing quicksketch?
20:08 – Advice on caring what people think of your work.
29:31 – What are your thoughts on the Bargue Drawing Course?
34:43 – What’s your advice for becoming an art teacher at a highschool level or higher?
43:37 – How can I improve my line quality and pencil control?
52:13 – How do I break out of my current style and develop a new one?

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Referenced Books

Drawing the Draped Figure-by Bridgman
Heads, Features and Faces – by Bridgman
The Book of a Hundred Hands – by Bridgman
Life Drawing – by Bridgman
The Human Machine – by Bridgman
Constructive Anatomy – by Bridgman
Complete Guide to Drawing from Life 5th Edition – by Bridgman
Figure Fundamentals Course
Rockwell on Rockwell, How I Make a Picture by Norman Rockwell
Robert Beverly Hale’s intro to Paul Richer’s Artistic Anatomy
Rendering in Pen and Ink by Arthur Guptill

Other References

Michelle Don Vito
Thomas Eakins
Steve Huston
Glenn Vilppu
Jethro Tull
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Referenced Artists:

Jeff Watts

Steve Whitehead

Preston Blair

Charles Bargue Art Course

Stephen Bauman

Thomas Eakins

Howard Pyle

Dynamic Black and White Illustrations

Madness in Crowds by Harrison Cady

The Lost Art of Heinrich Kley

Black and White Images First Annual Collection

Black and White Images Second Annual Collection

Black and White Images Fourth Annual Collection

Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein

Will Elder

How to Draw and Paint Anatomy – ImagineFX article with illustrations by Marshall Vandruff

Tem Larking, example of stylistic matrix

Gary Tanaka, example of stylistic matrix

Kino Finnegan , example of stylistic matrix

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  1. I’ve always been a big fan of Bridgeman and Harold Speed, but I’m curious what your thoughts are on that newer series of anatomy books called Morpho.

  2. Haven Salon says:

    Nice tips and techniques! Thanks for sharing! This is like a free manga drawing tutorial!

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