Wade Barry
Wade Barry
Perth, WA; Australia
Tattoo Artist / Illustrator
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Wade Barry
I’m a bit behind, haha, but thought I’d post anyway. Most done before the demo video. First pear was a bit quick; still getting used to “shading” with a pencil digitally, hence the “smudging” in the other two. Better in the portrait, but the first was still a bit quicker/cross-hatchy, and there is probably an extra value so could have been a bit more simplified as I got a bit carried away with marking out the shapes too, but which also made me realize some proportions were off. Second was reshaded after the demo video, which took more time to try make smooth. Changed some of the shapes in the cheek that were kind of missing (?) from the first in trying to keep subtle differences simplified. All Done in Procreate. Want to do in pencil and paper too, so will post those soon. Thanks for looking!
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