Patricia Kelly
Patricia Kelly
San Diego, California
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Patricia Kelly
Hi everyone! This is my first-ever figure sculpture! I normally work in 2D and paint with acrylics, but I've been wanting to challenge myself with a different medium. I'm signed up for the 'anatomy for artists' course as well, but haven't started it yet. So I decided to give this sculpture challenge a try cold-turkey, just for fun! Everything but the clay I had around the house, so it only cost me $1. I used tinfoil for the armature, a flooring sample for the base, dollar store clay and a safety pin for detail. I used the photos of Jesse and took about 3-4 hours. I struggled most with the muscles (too many or not enough in places--I'm feeling "Hulk" vibes hahaha), and I cut too deep on the center line for the back, but I'm pretty happy with it for my first-ever try. I'm excited to get into the anatomy course soon as I'm sure that will help me out. Happy for comments and critique! :) I did use all the reference photos for this pose, but the website only lets me add 10 images). Thanks!
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