ok, first time ever trying sculpting. I'm so nervous sharing but I need to improve somehow might as well be when I'm starting out. but I'm excited to keep looking at videos and seeing what I can do to improve. I've only had time to watch the $5 sculpture and the how to start sculpting videos so I'm sure this will all improve as I keep looking at the videos and getting feedback. I thought I had a pictures somewhere with just the tin foil as the base but can't seem to find the photos. I used tin foil, safety pin, paper clip and my hands. I think I used too much tin foil to start off with to make the woman because it was almost to scale and didn't have much clay on the actual sculpture because of it. there are spots the tin foil started coming through, but I guess it's a lesson I learned after finishing. the tin foil was too much on the head and probably the torso, so I couldn't carve very much on it, oh well smaller amount next time so I can use more clay. I also scraped the ear off and put it closer I might've regretted that decision but I think the ear improved just not the placing. super cheap start up, I just took forever doing it.
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