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23 Habits for Artists – Draftsmen S1E14

September 3, 20190 Comments

This is a good one… We go through and discuss a list of 23 important art habits that every artist should consider. A tattoo artist gets advice about composition and Marshall finally roasts me. Woo!

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Time Codes:

1. Draw From Life 9:40
2. Draw in your head 11:24
3. Become your own critic 13:15
4. Get information from multiple sources 15:11
5. Train like an athlete 16:24
6. Break big things into smaller things 19:42
7. Protect your most creative time 21:04
8. Go beyond the minimum requirements 21:40
9. Think like a kid 23:32
10. Research, research, research 29:24
11. Patience 32:45
12. Draw things you enjoy 34:41
13. Remix your inspiration 35:47
14. Share what you learn 36:04
15. Spend time with other artists 37:56
16. Say “No” 39:57
17. Say “yes” 41:25
18. Make ugly drawings 42:23
19. Exercise 46:45
20. Draw Daily 49:37
21. Finish what you start 49:50
22. Discipline 52:34
23. Master your calendar 55:10

Referenced Artists/Works:

Vincent Van Gogh

Currier & Ives

JC Leyendecker

A Look Back – Bernie Wrightson

Howard Pyle

The Talent Code

Ivan brunetti- cartooning

Creativity-Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Albrecht Durer

Claude Monet


Alphonse Mucha


Ken Burn’s the West

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