Yoni - Head, Bust, Hands, and Feet

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 This pack features multiple angles, facial expressions and lighting conditions.  Breaking the anatomical body down and focusing on how they come together. The poses are gestural as well as mimic everyday movements.

 The sum of the parts is the whole. The expression starts at the head and travels all the way to the toes and fingers. Jeff Watts had confirmed that for me years ago, and the direction of the feet, the gaze, and the figure in space are all influenced and dependent on one another. 

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Yoni - Head, Bust, Hands, and Feet (Head and Bust)141 images
Yoni - Head, Bust, Hands, and Feet (Hands and Arms)72 images
Yoni - Head, Bust, Hands, and Feet (Feet and Legs)34 images
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