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Lane Brown
My pastel brush set for Procreate is now available on Proko! It contains 48 brushes that combine the pleasing grain of dry media and the fluid blending qualities of paint. As with traditional tools, these digital brushes can create a wide range of effects and edge qualities depending on how you hold the stylus.
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Lane Brown
Here's a new portrait drawn with Pastel Pro Pack! I tend to do roughly 70% of a drawing using one or two of the pencil brushes (at the top of the brush list), then finish with broad, heavy texture, strokes from the other brushes. Much of the process is about controlling edges and value contrast. I talk a good bit about my process, including how I set up my iPad for efficient drawing, in this live demo on the Proko channel:
Pastel Paper (4) 4 edit1 sml1
Pastel Paper (4) 4 edit1 sml1 detail1
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Tom Donovan
Had a go with them today, only used the first one - but loving it. Gonna re watch the video as well, thanks for the little pockets of wisdom Mr Lane.
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Ariel Jr Casapao
I love pastels! I was originally a Traditional Pastel User! Then I started editing my works on Photoshop, and found out that I could use Charcoal Textures! Awesome works, Lane!