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This is my personal brush set that I use on all of my sketches and paintings of people. This set is meant to emulate the look of traditional paints, graphite and charcoal on natural surfaces. So almost all of them have various textures and natural footprints, which help you layer and mix your paint for a more realistic analog look.

One thing I've tried to avoid when creating this set is to overwhelm the user with too many choices. Brush sets with dozens or hundreds of variants can be fun to play with. But when it comes down to it, most artists use a very select few brushes in their daily work. These are my top, most frequently used brushes that were created from scratch. Some even use my favorite Belgian linen as a texture. And the entire brush menu easily fits on the screen without needing to scroll.

This set is an updated and even more streamlined collection than the one I released in 2020. One of the main improvements is a new soft sketchy pencil brush, a smooth ink brush and general refinements to the textured painting brushes.

There are 14 brushes and 2 blenders in this set. They are optimized for high resolution illustrations painted in Photoshop at 300ppi with a document size between 12 x 16 inches to 16 x 20 inches. This set includes the same brushes optimized for Procreate.

Brush Pack Includes

  • Brush sets for both Photoshop AND Procreate
  • 2 pencil brushes
  • 1 charcoal brush
  • 2 ink brushes
  • 8 general round and streaky paint brushes with textures
  • 1 fine hair detailing brush
  • 2 blending brushes with natural textures

  • photoshop brushes included in package Donald Trump Caricature Digital Photoshop Painting Zoomed in Donald Trump Caricature Digital Photoshop Painting photoshop brushes included in package
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