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This  bundle includes over 2500 high-re reference pictures with poses shot from various angles, allowing artists to have a more dynamic range of movements. Some poses are shot in sequence from different points of view. This bundle is focusing on the muscle movements and exploring how different muscles change according to a certain move. It is also shown two different body types, so it can be used for comparative anatomy studies. This set will be an especially useful tool for character line-ups, traditional and digital sculpting, 3D modeling and more! Check out the previews!

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Disclaimer: All models in our photoshoots are participating in the process willingly and are being paid fairly for their amazing job. Any intense scenes, nudity, pose choices are being discussed and approved by them. Any of the models' body features, accessories, clothing, tattoos etc. are not meant to infringe upon any beliefs and do not aim to culturally misappropriate elements being presented in the refpacks.


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