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This is One of the Best Art Schools I’ve Seen

February 28, 20192 Comments

Zoe Dufour gave me a studio tour when I was in New York recording her upcoming video lessons. We get to see a typical day at the Grand Central Atelier, meet some students and instructors, and see some of Zoe’s best work.

Get Zoe’s Masterpiece Demo before the presale ends!

Check out Zoe’s Quicksketch Sculpting video.

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  1. Scott Dishman says:

    You’re right…GCA is the best, attracting serious students from all over the world. I’m grateful to be a part-timer there. Sorry I missed seeing you, Stan!

  2. Ron Kempke says:

    Why do art schools charge as much as some universities when the average return on the investment is usually less than the average return provided by a university degree?

    Take away: Unless you’re an unlikely stellar performer, an art degree will net you less than a university degree. I know of graduates having $50,000 school loans for art degrees who can’t pay their rent.

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