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Proko Hip Hop Radio – Beats to Draw/Paint to

April 1, 20210 Comments

Thank you for tuning into this special episode of Proko! We are happy to announce that, through minutes of research and a hard look at what we do, we’ve decided to unveil the new direction of our channel: Radio for artists! Stan’s had a passion for radio since he was a little Prokolet, designing fire mix tapes and pushing them on all his friends and family. But alas, life can really beat you down and he had to give up his dreams of putting music to Youtube-algorithmically-specific titles and descriptions to squeeze the most views out of a video, to do something more practical like drawing.

But now, with your support over these past few years, we’ve finally made it to a point where the team can really focus on making those niche radio stations that you’ll be coming back to for years. Enjoy this selection of eclectic tunes that have all been featured in past Proko videos!

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