Seoul Lee
Seoul Lee
Seattle, WA
I am an artist currently living in Seattle, WA. I am aspiring to become a concept artist for games and films.
Seoul Lee
Hello! My name is Seoul and my goal is to work in games/film as a concept artist so I wanted to know what I could do to increase my chances at being hired at a studio. More specifically, I suppose I want to know whether my work would fit properly within a production pipeline and is presenting usable designs in a way that the production might need. I also would appreciate feedback and advice on my designs and any fundamentals I might be lacking in (like my rendering, perspective, etc.). Thank you very much for offering this opportunity!
fenice costume designs rough protagonist
fenice costume designs rough
fenice props
marine alien spacesuit
marine aliens blue whale mothership
marine aliens casual clothes costume
marine aliens daily use vehicles
marine aliens props
marine aliens whale shark shuttle ship interior
marine aliens whale shark shuttle ship
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