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Seoul Lee
Hello! My name is Seoul and my goal is to work in games/film as a concept artist so I wanted to know what I could do to increase my chances at being hired at a studio. More specifically, I suppose I want to know whether my work would fit properly within a production pipeline and is presenting usable designs in a way that the production might need. I also would appreciate feedback and advice on my designs and any fundamentals I might be lacking in (like my rendering, perspective, etc.). Thank you very much for offering this opportunity!
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Tayler Olivas
Hi Seoul, I think it is important to compare your work with those artists who are in the positions, at the studios you would dream to work at. I would take some time to create a list of those game studios to see what types of styles, shape languages, lighting, and genre they are creating work in. Currently, it looks like you have an inclination towards more modern/contemporary/sci-fi designs. I would suggest looking into studios that accommodate that type of art. That will give you a good metric and context for the type of work that should be reflected in your personal portfolio. I like that I am seeing variations in your portfolio. From personal experience working as a concept artist for games iteration and variation in design is going to be your bread and butter for the most part. When you are designing in the beginning it would be wise to get a plethora of broad variations for your designs, and then narrow as you start to hone in on something specific. I do think that there is some room to improve your fundamentals, specifically with some of your hard surface designs. Similar to anatomy, setting up hourly sessions where you are studying forms from reference is going to be key to success in areas like prop design/hard surface. I think that your portfolio shows a lot of promise! Keep learning, observing, and studying the things that you love. At the end of the day, studios will want to hire you for your unique spin on the world.
Tayler Olivas
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