Portsmouth, UK
Marco Sordi
2022/9/7. Good morning everybody. Here’s my today’s 30 mins warming up exercise. I wonder when I will be able to get rid of this bad habit of stretching noses and torsos… The tip of the nose is too low and so mouth and chin aren't in the right spot. Thanks for any comment or advice.
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Firstly, it looks good! I think the proportional issue here may come from your drawing the face at less of an inclination than in the reference. This is something I have a strong tendency to do - a face is tilted, but my brain wants to pull it more straight on. (I do this for horizontal turns too, which leads to some goofy looking stares!) On your drawing, the distance from base of nose to eyebrow is pretty much equal to that from the eyebrow to the hairline, which is also the case on the reference. I think these sections have just ended up stretched a bit vertically. I hope this helps.
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