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Congrats on your drawing! The composition is very nice and I love the feeling of the man going out of the fog. The shadows cast by the helmet on hist face, with the eyes popping out of it, give a feeling of eeriness, a nice dark fantasy vibe. Take everything that follows with a grain of salt since I started drawing a few weeks ago! Like others have said, the drawing is a bit too symmetrical, for example the abs don't show the twist. This is what is mostly missing for me. The original pose is quite dynamic with the legs going forward while the torso twists upwards and to the left. That's missing in your drawing, maybe you got it in the gesture and it got lost in the way? Or maybe you could have exaggerated the pose a little more? I frame those as questions since I don't have the expertise to really give better feedback, sorry :S Keep up the good work, this is amazing! Someday I'll draw cool things like you too! Congratulations again, and I hope your drawing journey will bring you joy and happiness!
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