Jake Lee
Jake Lee
Marco Sordi
2021/7/1. Hi everyone. Here's my charcoal (Conte B 1710) full drawing for this week. Thanks and have a good day.
IMG 3942
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Jake Lee
Hi Marco, I'm by no means a master but I hope this helps you out. The shading on the left side of the portrait is really nice. You've got a very soft shading style and great control of the pencil for that rounding of the form, reminds me of Stephen Bauman's work. Your features still look quite linear though and flatten out the drawing. For example, the eye lids are reading more like a line drawn over the top of the eye rather than the folding of skin creating volume. And the complex but beautiful forms of her lips here are being simplified into a more general lip shape. I think going back and investing more time in Stan's videos on the features would be good. In particular paying attention to how he constructs the forms and maps/designs his shadow shapes. John Vanderpoel's drawings are also a must for great feature work. The hair is very light when compared to the reference. In fact the whole drawing could probably benefit from you opening up the value range and really getting those deep darks out of the Conte. It'll give you more room for intricate shading of the halftones too. All that being said I can really feel the care you've put into this drawing. You should be proud of this effort!