Genevieve Lehoux
Genevieve Lehoux
Genevieve Lehoux
Heyo it’s my first time posting! I’m not sure if there are any unspoken rules for this but here I go. This is a combination of my proko gestures and gestures I found on the line of action website. I’ll post more soon!
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BC0E2C90 CD19 4BFF 939C E559E5BD0C46
CF12E629 8DAE 4426 ADAF 95407C30B95C
125E210E 57F1 4E63 A00C D6D624DFBAD2
2766947B 298D 49C9 85F8 17443399D4EA
A22611CE 5EB1 47F3 A660 7119309923BA
633DC979 B042 4AA3 8A00 EA8531E71EEE
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