Zoo Sketching with Aaron Blaise – Drawing Lions, Tigers and Bonobos

Masterpiece Demo

Make sure to also check out Aaron's Masterpiece Drawing Demo. In his demo you’ll get the opportunity to shadow him in his studio and watch him draw a large lion portrait from scratch. Starting with his process of selecting a photo and then moving onto sketching the layin and figuring out the anatomy.

Zoo Sketching with Aaron Blaise

Can you believe I got to sketch at the zoo with the animator of Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Brother Bear? Aaron Blaise is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to drawing animals. The time I spent with him was super educational and humbling. It was also just a really fun few days.

Make sure to check out his channel.
While he was in San Diego he interviewed me.
I also painted him as Santa last week

aaron blaise stan prokopenko san diego zoo skyfari

san diego zoo entrance


00:00 - Intro
01:35 - Aaron schools Stan on cats
05:00 - Cat head anatomy demo
08:00 - Gorillas
09:55 - Chimps
10:55 - Orangutan
12:30 - Police Sketch Challenge
15:32 - Drawing misc animals
16:15 - Giraffe runs away from Stan

Creature Art Teacher - Aaron's Website

Here's a peak into Stan's sketchbooks to see some of the animals he drew:

stan prokopenko sketch camel

stan prokopenko sketch giraffes

stan prokopenko sketch tortoise

stan prokopenko sketch tapir

stan prokopenko sketch gorillas

stan prokopenko sketch orangutan karen

stan prokopenko sketch tortoises

stan prokopenko sketch giraffe angry

stan prokopenko sketch rhino tapir

stan prokopenko sketch rhinoceras

stan prokopenko sketch secretary bird

stan prokopenko sketch flamingoes

stan prokopenko sketch apes


Here's a look at Aaron Blaise's sketchbook:

aaron blaise sketch flamingoes

aaron blaise sketch gorilla 1

aaron blaise sketch gorilla 2

aaron blaise sketch hawk

aaron blaise sketch lion 1

aaron blaise sketch llama

aaron blaise sketch rhinoceras

aaron blaise sketch tiger

aaron blaise sketch orangutan

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