March Proko Challenge - Stylized Self-Portraits with SLEW

Lesson by
Stan Prokopenko

Create a Stylized Self-Portrait


This March, our Proko Challenge judge, SLEW, is challenging you to take a long, hard look at yourself… and paint a stylized version of what you see by playing with color, lighting, accessories, and more. SLEW will be judging entries based on creative lighting, interesting facial accessories and props, strong color themes, intentional paint strokes and compositional design

Medium: The entries have to include color. We strongly suggest traditional mediums but if you choose to do digital, please use traditional style brushes.

SLEW, on the importance of self-portraits:
Self-portraits are an awesome drawing and painting exercise for many reasons. The portrait at its base is a great exercise in fundamental drawing and painting theory. Representing the human face includes perspective, compositional design, dimension with value structure, anatomy, Color theory, achieving a likeness... the list goes on!
Besides just a good exercise in drawing/painting skills, self-portraits are a form of documentation and can be an awesome ongoing project to visually represent yourself as time goes on. Getting reference to paint portraits is sometimes difficult, and there is no better model than yourself! You can compose and take photos of yourself really easily and at any time!
I love to use self-portrait projects as a time to experiment and get out of my comfort zone. For example, using a different color palette, loosening or tightening my paint strokes, changing light designs, and choosing different facial features and poses to practice anatomy. There are a lot of reasons why self-portraits are epic, and consistently painting myself is super important to my art and painting practice.

Sponsored by Wacom, Sentient Academy,  Vision X Live Conference, Canvy and Proko.

This challenge is closed for new submissions. 

Congrats to all the winners!

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Winners will be contacted via the email on their account.

SLEW will pick 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place based on creative lighting, interesting facial accessories and props, strong color themes, intentional paint strokes, and compositional design

1st Place

Wacom One Creative Pen Display
1 year access to Sentient Academy
Vision X Replay Pass
1 year Canvy subscription
Proko Figure, Portrait, and Anatomy courses

2nd Place

Wacom Intuos Small Bluetooth
Vision X Replay Pass
2 Proko courses of your choice

3rd Place

One by Wacom Pen Tablet
Vision X Replay Pass
1 Proko course of your choice

Community Choice

$250 Proko Gift Card - YOU get to choose a winner by upvoting your favorite submissions!

Proko Team Choice

$250 Proko Gift Card - The Proko team will vote on their favorite.

Skelly's Choice

Proko Skull - Skelly will choose his favorite.

Proko Impromptu Awards

10 impromptu winners will receive:

1 Proko Course of your choice

Wacom Random Winner

To give students a higher chance of winning, Wacom is awarding a random participant a Wacom Intuos small tablet.

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