Light and Color Sketch Tour with Marco Bucci

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CHALLENGE: Get ready to play with light and color like never before! In this challenge, we’re teaming up with Marco Bucci to encourage you to present a strong and convincing sense of light and color, while maintaining a loose finish. You may submit a thumbnail-size color rough, or a larger canvas - they will be evaluated equally. Marco will be judging based on the believability of the light source, the colors the light causes to occur in the scene, and how well you’re able to preserve the sense of looseness, or sketchiness in the process. You may keep the light and color on the realistic/natural side, or caricature it for effect. You may work from life, from photo reference, or from imagination.

Prizes provided by:  Wacom, Canvy and Proko.



Winners will be contacted via the email on their account.

1st Place

Aditya Banerjee - @adityabanerjee
Wacom One Creative Pen Display
1 year Canvy subscription
Proko Figure, Portrait, and Anatomy courses

2nd Place

Charchit goyal - @charchitgoyal
Wacom Intuos Small Bluetooth
2 Proko courses of your choice

3rd Place

kreya - @kreya
One by Wacom Pen Tablet
1 Proko course of your choice

Team Choice Award

Francesco Pizzo - @francescopizzo

Prize: $250 Proko Gift Card

Community Choice Award

Hitchcock Hilbert - @hilbert_hitchcock

Prize: $250 Proko Gift Card

Skelly's Choice

Alhussain Shaker - @alhussainshaker

Prize: Proko Skull

Check out the full story here.

Wacom Random Winner

Siddh Pargaonkar - @siddh0812

Prize: Wacom is awarding a random participant a Wacom Intuos small tablet.

The Undefinable Impromputu Mystery Diffuse Award

Chris Bodary - @itbodeswell

Prize: 1 Proko Course of your choice.

Hilarious, Yet Still Based on Realistic Light Award

levictus - @levictus

Prize: 1 Proko Course of your choice.

Not the Most Fascinating Subject Matter, but Good Shapes Win the Day Award

Anthony Damazyn - @jadamazyn

Prize: 1 Proko Course of your choice.

Take All That Detail and Shove It Award

kaptennemo - @kaptennemo

Prize: 1 Proko Course of your choice.

I Ain't No Slave to Facial Features Award

thebossart - @thebossart

Prize: 1 Proko Course of your choice.

I Entered a Contest With the Word “Color” in It, and I Didn’t Use Any Color Award

Maria Lagou - @lagoymaria

Prize: 1 Proko Course of your choice.

I Don’t Know How You Did This, but Somehow You Pulled It off Award

saci - @saci

Prize: 1 Proko Course of your choice.

I’m Gonna Make You Think I Used Blueish Gray, but I Didn’t! Haha! Award

Karrye Saldaña - @karryesg

Prize: 1 Proko Course of your choice.

Screw It, I’m Gonna Design the Crap Out of These Colors Award

Miguel Nieto - @lucarioro

Prize: 1 Proko Course of your choice.

Thumbnail art by David0.

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