Character Design Workflow – Concepting for 3D Games and Movies

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Scott Flanders
So in this video, gaming industry veteran Scott Flanders will show you how professional artists take their concepts from their earliest ideas on paper, to final concept. Then we’ll pass those off to Joseph Drust from Pixologic, to bring them to life in 3D.
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Garry Gray
Hi Scott, I'm new to Proko . Interested in learning 2d concept art for videogames. If I can get directed in the right direction(I'm a beginner at this so lol) , would be nice , thanks. Even if you recommend all your courses. Lovely work by the way man. @Scott Flanders
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Scott Flanders
Hey GMan. Lots to cover here. Hit me up on IG and I'll send you voice message with plenty more info. Easier that way. I'm @shapecarver (I only have the one course available btw :)
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