Artists TRANSFORM Objects into Creatures with James Gurney! (#Prokochallenge)

CHALLENGE: Transform household objects or vehicles into a character or creature! Depict them interacting with an environment rather than individual character design. It can be a drawing, painting, or sculpture. Digital or traditional.

Prizes provided by @jamesgurneyart, @wacom and @stanprokopenko

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It’s time to announce the winners of the May Prokochallenge! Artists had to transform common objects into creatures. James Gurney, creator of Dinotopia, picks the winners based on originality, consistency of vision, well-thought-out implied story, and convincing execution in terms of design, color, lighting, dynamics, and perspective. If you don’t already follow James on YouTube go subscribe to his channel.

To participate in monthly prokochallenges follow @prokotv on Instagram.

The Judge

@jamesgurneyart is an American illustrator veteran with over 30 years of experience and he is also an accomplished teacher, story-teller, and entertainer. He is most known for his book series Dinotopia and is the author behind Imaginative Realism and Color and Light. We're excited to have him as the judge of this month's Proko Challenge!

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1st Place

Marta Kitka - @marta_kitka_art

1st place - Wacom One Creative Pen Display, signed print with a sketch by James Gurney, and the Proko Figure, Portrait, and Anatomy courses.

2nd Place

Italo Ahumada - @italoahumada

2nd place - Wacom Intuos medium tablet, signed print with a sketch by James Gurney, and 1 Proko course of their choice.

3rd Place

Georges Duarte - @georgesduarte_comics

3rd place - Signed print with a sketch by James Gurney and 1 Proko course of their choice

Proko "Team Choice"

Mario Saggia - @mariosaggia

Prize - 1 Proko course.

Best Storytelling

Gabriel Quinn - @cluelessgabriel

Prize - 1 Proko course.

Best Mood

Ognjen Sporin - @ognyendyolic

Prize - 1 Proko course.

Best Vehicle

Yan - @0_0yan95

Prize - 1 Proko course.

Best Kangaroo

Alexandre Franco - @michtou_

Prize - 1 Proko course.

Best Building

Jesse Schilperoort - @eyeofjess

Prize - 1 Proko course.

Best Dinosaur

D. Claunch - @ehreleben

Prize - 1 Proko course.

WTF Award

Tyson - @artbhorrent

Prize - 1 Proko course.

Cute Award

Rui Gomes - @r.p.gomes

Prize - 1 Proko course.

Best Reference

Emily Koch - @emioch_art

Prize - 1 Proko course.

Random Winner

Dharmaraj - @ra_dharmaraj

Prize – A Wacom Intuos Small tablet and signed print with a sketch by James Gurney

Honorable Mentions

Other Honorable Mentions in no particular order.

Philip Bawasanta - @Philtomato

Lewis Jones - @lewjrew

Krioukovm - @krioukovm

Ivelin Trifonov - @ivelin_art

Mary Kim - @iseekim

Glitch - @tkrz_arts

Stellkoillustration - @stellkoillustration

Luca Maria Mastrantonio - @lucam_mastro

Erick Teixeira - @erickhmart

Daniel Rüger - @danielrueger_art

Daniel Eues - @danieleues

Martin Roca - @artmroca

Avin Vadas - @avinvadas

Thumbnail Art by Bill Hope

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