500 Figure Drawings Judged by Jeff Watts - #Prokochallenge

CHALLENGE: Do a study of a figure from the provided reference. Digital or traditional. 2D or 3D. Reference images are in the downloads tab.

Prizes provided by @jeffreywattsart, conceptartempire.com and @stanprokopenko

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The results for the September Figure Proko Challenge are in! Instructor and founder of Watts Atelier of the Arts, Jeff Watts, is here to critique your drawings. Jeff went through all the entries and picked the winners based on anatomical accuracy, design, creativity, and style. You can view more of Jeff’s videos on figure drawing on his youtube channel

The Judge

@jeffreywattsart is a fine artist, and educator. He is well known in the art community for starting a figurative fine art school in Encinitas, California called the Watts Atelier. At his school, they focus primarily on teaching the Riley Method. A method of drawing that focuses on how the rhythms of the body can be used to find gesture and proportion. The Watts Atelier is where Stan learned to draw, and Jeff was Stan's primary art instructor while he attended.

Jeff is also an accomplished painter and draftsman. He has been recognized by the Taos Art Museum and Fechin House for carrying on Fechin's legacy. He has also won awards from Artist's Magazine, the Salon International Exhibition, and the Portrait Society of America just to name a few. Jeff is a living master, and we are lucky to have him as a judge. Good Luck!

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1st Place

James Cowper - @jamesrussellcowper

1st place - A spot auditing any online streaming course at the Watts Atelier, a writeup in Concept Art Empire, the Proko Figure, Portrait, and Anatomy courses, three model packs of the winner’s choice and their art featured on the Proko YouTube Channel reaction video.


2nd Place

Gabriele Hoxha - @gabrielehoxha

2nd place - 2 Proko courses, 2 model packs of winner’s choice, and their art featured on the Proko YouTube Channel.


3rd Place

Greg Goodman - @goodmang314

3rd place - 1 Proko course, 1 model pack of winner’s choice and their art featured on the Proko YouTube Channel.


Proko "Team Choice"

Carltz - @ibenkin

Prize - 1 Proko course and 1 model pack.

ibenkin prokochallenge

Exciting Draftsmenship Award

Baran Mong - @baranmong

Prize - 1 Proko course.

exciting draftsmenship award baranmong

Most Like Jeff Watts Award

Lewis Meda - @lewis_meda

Prize - 1 Proko course.

most like jeff watts lewis meda

Best Digital Charcoal Award

Andriy Vynogradov - @vynillus

Prize - 1 Proko course.

bestdigitalcharcoal vynillus

Best Exaggeration Award

Jesse Amiel D. Gayanilo - @heyyouyesyo

Prize - 1 Proko course.

bestexaggeration heyyouyesyo

Creativity Award

Az Adamson - azadamsonart

Prize - 1 Proko course.

most hard azadamsonart

Best Mood Award

Albert Navarro - @reixart

Prize - 1 Proko course.

bestmood reixart

Leyendecker Award

Sebastian Szmyd - @sebastian_szmyd

Prize - 1 Proko course.

leyendeckeraward sebastian szmyd

Inspiring Award

Brett Colonell - @brettcolonell

Prize - 1 Proko course.

inspiringaward brettcolonell brettcolonell

Best Kangaroo Award

scharlison.art - @scharlison.art

Prize - 1 Proko course.

bestkangaroo scharlison art

Best Weaponized Yoni Award

Ian Paul Morrison - @ianpaulmorrison

Prize - 1 Proko course.

best weaponized yoni

Best Sculpture Award

Ben Donley - @ben.donley.art

Prize - 1 Proko course.

best sculpture ben donley

Best Narrative Award

Lexart.png - @lexart.png

Prize - 1 Proko course.

best narrative lexart

Smallest Head Award

Jordan Baker - @joba.draws

Prize - 1 Proko course.

smallest head joba

Anatomical Study Award

Amanda R - @amr1514

Prize - 1 Proko course.

anatomical study award amr1514

Random Winner

Effer Vesce - @vesceffer

Prize – 1 Proko Course


Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions in no particular order.

Max Lucon - @maxlucon


David Sloss - @davidrsloss

david r sloss

Roberto Jaramillo - @rubbuhtoe


Bruno Moretti Rezende - @morettiarts


Gabriel Costa - @sombra.arts

sombra arts
Thumbnail Art by Az Adamson
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