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Going All In on Art, Breaking Rules to Create Style, How to Ask Good Questions – Draftsmen S2E12

July 7, 20200 Comments

Marshall and Stan answer questions about networking, cross training, royalties, breaking rules to create a unique art style, going all in vs having a backup, and studying multiple things at once. Also, Marshall gives advice on how to ask good questions!

Call and Ask Your Art Questions: 1-858-609-9453

7:55 – What do you think of David Ross’s Book on Figure Drawing?
8:18 – How do you network while you’re training online?
12:47 – Do you charge for book covers? Do you receive royalties on sales of the book? How do you price digital artwork?
21:11 – Is it better to become specialized or cross train multiple subjects?
30:38 – Is it essential to violate compositional rules to create a unique style?
34:40 – How to ask better questions
38:35 – The Abstraction Ladder
44:22 – Is it better to go all in on my passion or get a degree in a backup career that is safer to make money?
51:09 – Should I study one thing at a time, or multiple things at once?

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