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Getting Started

Hi there! My name is Stan Prokopenko, and I’m the founder of Proko. If you landed on this page, it means that you’re looking for some kind of guidance or approach on how to begin drawing. The information below is the order I recommend completing the lessons or taking the premium courses in.

Figure Drawing: All newcomers should really start by learning to draw figures. Starting in this subject teaches you a process to draw human figures of any body type, in any position, and light them from any angle. It’s a subject through which most people see a lot of growth and improvement in their drawing skills. For more details about figure drawing, check out the Figure Drawing Fundamentals Course.

Once you have practiced drawing figures and have learned some basic art concepts, you can continue onto more advanced and detailed sections like portrait and anatomy drawing.

Portrait: Learning to draw the head and face of a subject is extremely fun, but also difficult. Capturing a person’s likeness or making one up from imagination is a fun challenge that takes time and practice. The eyes, lips, nose, and more are all focused on in the free lessons or the professional course. Depending on your current skill level, portrait drawing can be a great place to start learning about all the little details that go into drawing.

Anatomy: I recommend saving these lessons or taking the full course when you have a good understanding of figure drawing. The anatomy section is designed to cover the bones and muscles of the human figure. Everything taught in this section is to that extra level of detail and understanding to your figure drawings. The free lessons provided on Proko are a basic primer for understanding human anatomy. The premium course goes into further detail and provides tips on how to draw difficult parts of the body. If you already have a background in art or art education, then the anatomy course might be the perfect place to start!

Practicing: It should go without saying, that if you don’t practice, you won’t improve. Setting aside a little time everyday is the #1 key to getting better. My recommendation is that you set aside at least 15 minutes everyday to practice what you learn on this site. If you’re on a more advanced lesson want to improve quicker, I recommend devoting much more time than that. At least 15 hours each week. Try watching one lesson each week, practicing it, and move on. I’ll also provide tips on how to maximize your time in each lesson or course.

By the way, if you’re already groaning about drawing daily, then stop! Drawing should be a fun activity that you’re interested in learning. It’s not a chore.

For my part, I promise to deliver fun and informative videos that you can learn from. My philosophy has always been to educate and entertain you. I feel that if you’re having fun and enjoying the learning process, you learn better. You retain more information, you’re more likely to continue learning and likely to go back and re-watch the tutorials. The goal is to leave you more inspired and motivated to go practice. This philosophy is something I’ll guarantee whether you’re a free user or choose to take any of my premium courses. Speaking of premium courses…

Should I Get a Premium Course?

I’ll be the first to admit that it depends on your situation.

If you’re only casually interested in practicing a few new art concepts, then no, stick with the free lessons. However, if you’re serious about improving your art skills, want to become an artist that wow’s people with your artwork, and is someone who is excited about making art a part of their life, then I highly recommend investing in the premium courses.

These are full drawing courses that contain detailed information about important concepts, offer more example drawings to learn from, and contain additional learning materials (reference photos, eBooks, and 3D Models) that will ultimately aid you in becoming a professional artist. So, if you feel like you’re ready to dive right in, take a look at the figure drawing course or save by getting one of the course package deals.

If you’re not ready for a full course, you can start by learning to draw from a list of my free lessons. Enjoy!

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