Storytelling Lessons from Masters: The Simpsons

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5h 30m
Spanish, English
DISCLAIMER: While this course was recorded at webcam resolution during a live presentation from Marshall’s home studio, the core concepts and knowledge shared have immense value. 

We recorded this four-part, boiled-down course on storycrafting in 2022 with a live audience, referencing some of the best episodes from early seasons of The Simpsons. You will learn the elements and principles of great storytelling, and how to apply them to your story projects. These lessons will make sense to you if you're as young as Bart, but they will challenge you to sharpen your skills as a professional.

NOTE: This product contains the lectures only. It does not include any of The Simpsons episodes. You will need to access them separately (from DVDs or a streaming/rental service of your choice) and queue them up prior to each lessons in order to follow along.

This course refers to THE SIMPSONS for examples of story craft. It does not represent THE SIMPSONS franchise, nor any of its parent or affiliated companies.

What you will learn
1Desire, Conflict, & Reversals
2Empathy; Setups & Payoffs
3Protagonist Responsibility
4The Telling of the Story
5Reversals of Perception
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