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Welcome to the Head Drawing and Construction course! Here, I'll walk you through the basics of drawing the human head, step by step. This course is for both beginners and seasoned artists, focusing on fundamental techniques of head construction—from posing and proportions to sculpting detailed facial features.

In this course, we’ll start with the simple structures like the skull and jaw and move on to more complex parts, treating each as a mini sculpture. I use easy-to-understand proportional systems—like dividing things into halves and thirds—that you can mix with other methods you might know. This approach makes learning easier and lets you tweak things to suit your style.

By the end, you’ll know how to build up a head from the basic shapes to the final expressive features. You’ll get better at understanding light, shadow, and form, key for creating characters and realistic drawings. Whether you’re looking to up your painting game or create new characters, this course provides the tools and insights to improve your art. Join me in this course to change how you approach head drawing and broaden your artistic skills.

Who am I?

I'm Steven Michael Hampton, and I've been teaching drawing and anatomy for 25 years. I've worked with Art Center, Anatomy Tools, LCAD, Blizzard Entertainment, and Lucas Film. Drawing has been my life’s passion, and I've approached it as a technician/illustrator, a fine artist, and an art historian. I'm intrigued by how the technical aspects of drawing support both entertainment and fine art conceptual practices, and how drawing, often seen as a lesser genre, fits into art history. I've earned degrees in illustration, fine art, and art history, and I'm close to finishing my PhD.

Some of my work

What you will learn
1Gesture and Abstraction
Learn the first steps to quickly draw the head in any position.
2Simplified Construction and Invention
An easy-to-learn method for remembering the landmarks and proportions of the face and skull that will help you construct heads from reference and from imagination.
3Constructing the Features
Draw simple shapes you can use for the eyes, nose, brow, and lips. We will draw them like sculptures that sit upon the undrlying forms of the skull and jaw.
4Flexible Methods
Incorporate user-friendly methods using halves and thirds, compatible with other head drawing techniques.
5Basic Facial Anatomy
Learn the anatomy of the skull and basic facial muscles.
6Finishing Touches and Adaptation
Prepare to take your head drawings to the next level with lessons on shading and how you can change these methods for drawing characters.
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