Drawing an Animal Portrait

Course by Aaron Blaise
Aaron Blaise
Lion portrait masterpiece demo done in charcoal by Aaron Blaise.
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Not sure where to put this one. I'd stopped sketching for a few weeks because of time-constraints, but this morning I was inspired by an ape in a Franzetta Tarzan sketch and banged this out as a quick-sketch (~20 minutes). Not great, but better than nothing. I've been think about landscape layout and also been noodling/struggling with clouds a bit too, so I'd love some suggestions there. I noticed my anatomy skills have already taken a step backwards---amazing how quickly it leaves your mind.
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Increased contrast and delineated the horizon, which I think helped. The other tip I found on-line was to have a gradient in the sky so the clouds can have some contrast too. I'd love some feedback/advice. I've zero experience beyond Proko courses and am just finding my feet, so even the most basic tip is helpful.
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