Stage 5 - Final Adjustments - Real Time
Stage 5 - Final Adjustments - Real Time
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Classical Portraiture Techniques and Concepts

Grisaille Painting(10 Lessons)
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Stage 5 - Final Adjustments - Real Time


Stage 5 - Final Adjustments - Real Time

Stephen Bauman
How do you know when you are finished? It’s a question that we all struggle wit hat some point in our career as an artist. I find that having. Control of your process and being Armed with the right questions is the key.
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Jo Sheridan
Well @Stephen Bauman, I am probably not really finished - but emotionally I have taken this as far as I can... it has taken a few more stages than you show in your videos, because as I stepped back to admire my finished work a couple of weeks ago I thought - "Oh no, that eye just isn't right", so I had to come back in to remodel it and was oh so close to just scrubbing it all out with black paint and giving up - however I resisted the temptation and kept refining and this is where I have ended up... I have really struggled to eliminate the shine off the surface in my photograph, so to do this I have ended up with an image that does underplay my half-tones a bit - in the real thing she is a darker value on the right hand side. I would be keen to hear your thoughts as to how I have got on. I attach my Grisaille and also my pencil sketch
Olivia fin g
Olivia 2 fin
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Stephen Bauman
Hi, Jo. It looks like you have a really good control of both graphite and oil paint- job well done in that department. Value assessment and the judging of major angles is where this can improve the most.
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