Practice: Maquette Composition Study

The Shading Course

Module 9 - How to Use Maquettes

Practice: Maquette Composition Study

Mark as Completed

Practice: Maquette Composition Study

Mark as Completed


Select one of your maquettes and create at least three simple 4-tone or 5-tone composition studies. Experiment with different options for lighting and composition.

Materials Needed

  • A photo or render of your maquette.
  • Your preferred drawing/painting medium.


  1. Photograph/render your maquette: set up the lighting and composition you want and take a high-quality photograph or, if you are using Blender, create a render. 
  2. Composition Study: create three studies, following the "value study" method you learned in module 4.
  3. Upload: Share your study with the community.


This project should take 1–2 hours to complete.


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