Final Thoughts - Real Time
Final Thoughts - Real Time
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Realistic Portrait Drawing

Real-Time Day 2

Final Thoughts - Real Time


Final Thoughts - Real Time

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Richard Gruber
Hello Stephen, Great job. I just finished watching the entire series of real-time videos and I got a lot out of it. You gave lots of good ideas about technique and things to think about while creating a portrait like this. But... at the very last moment of the final video, there's a bit of a surprise. In the image below, the left side shows how your drawing appears throughout the real-time videos. Then, on the right side, we see the final drawing in the "Thanks For Watching" screen and it is much darker with more contrast. Can you please tell me which one, left or right, best represents the final image? I actually like both, but I'm about to try this portrait myself and I want to mimic your approach as much as I can. But now I'm not sure what my end-state is supposed to look like. Thanks Rich
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Stephen Bauman
The one on the right was taken with a polarising lens. It best reflects the true appearance of the drawing.
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