Animation Help from Aaron Blaise - Creature Art Teacher

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Animation Help from Aaron Blaise - Creature Art Teacher

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Animation Help from Aaron Blaise - Creature Art Teacher

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What does it take to become an animator? How can I draw like a disney artist? Is it possible to talk to animals? All these questions and more are answered in my sit down with Disney animator and artist Aaron Blaise.

Zoo Sketching with Aaron Blaise.
Aaron Blaise Masterpiece Drawing Demo.
Career Advice from a Disney Animator
Make sure to check out his channel
Creature Art Teacher - Aaron's Website


01:30 Are traditional animation skills still relevant?
02:45 What would you expect in a good animation portfolio?
04:00 How to use Planning charts
06:00 How do you make animations smooth?
08:00 What are your feelings on the live action adaptation?
09:26 Do you give Free lessons?
13:00 Can you talk to animals?
13:30 What's a good exercise for animal anatomy
16:03 Animal figure drawing
16:52 How much time do you spend drawing?
18:24 How did you get to know Proko?
18:40 Do you feel your art has a spiritual foundation?
20:00 What's your favorite scene in Brother Bear?
22:55 Would you ever direct a live action movie?
23:03 Can we get your Photoshop brushes?
23:23 Moving from traditional to digital
25:40 Did you work on movies with Paul Felix
26:15 Did you cry while working on sad scenes in Lion King?
27:26 Is digital better than traditional?
27:41 What is your biggest mistake?
30:55 Why is so genius?
31:20 Gouache video streams
31:42 When are you coming to India?
31:51 When will you be Drawing dinosaurs?
32:17 How do you stay young inside?
32:48 Why are you so lovely?


Here is a sampling of Aaron Blaise's art.

aaron blaise bear

aaron blaise bison caught in the storm

aaron blaise coopers hawk

aaron blaise gorilla

aaron blaise hippo

aaron blaise leopard just a sip

aaron blaise lion

aaron blaise rhinoceras

aaron blaise tiger in water comb fog

aaron blaise young giraffe

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Founder of Proko, artist and teacher of drawing, painting, and anatomy. I try to make my lessons fun and ultra packed with information.
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