Anatomy Critiques – The Rib Cage
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Anatomy of the Human Body

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Anatomy Critiques – The Rib Cage

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Anatomy Critiques – The Rib Cage

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Let’s keep looking at how to improve on the assignments as we dive into our drawings of the rib cage.

Here are some things to consider when drawing the ribs:

  • Are the perspective angles converging correctly?
  • Is the top of the Thoracic arch in the middle of the rib cage?
  • Is the widest part of the ribs 2/3 the way down?
  • Is the top plane facing forward?
  • Is the rib cage the correct distance from the pelvis?
  • Are you drawing the shapes three dimensionally or two dimensionally?
  • Are you observing the angle of the Center Line?
  • We’ll go more in depth on these common mistakes and more in the video.

    Make sure to watch the lesson and do the assignments:

    Anatomy of the Rib Cage Lesson
    How to Draw the Rib Cage Lesson

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