Wish there’d be more Draftsmen episodes from artists from Asia & Pacific Islander
Islamic type of art artists, mangakas, Korean webtoons comics, Southeast Asian artists, South Asian artists artists etc etc I’ve seen a lot of people in the comments ask for more East Asian manga type art interviews. And I know western artists look weirdly at Asian artist’s especially in the anime field cuz apparently to them FiNe aRT iS tHe BEsT. there’s an awesome platform to be used to expose people to so much diversity and learn from it. just frustrated with the lack of diversity. It’s like the comments section of his previous Diversity in Arts with Jennifer Wang podcasts scared them. Felt like the knee was bent to some really loud misogynistic conservative voices.
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Peter Anton
I'm all for more diversity, as long as the standard of quality artists remains. The problem I had with the Jennifer Wang podcast, if I recall, is that she was actively looking for stuff to be offended by. As in, "use these approved words and phrases or you are a racist and misogynistic." It just reeked of someone trying to assert their moral superiority more than anything else
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That isn't at all what she was saying. I had to pause the video after several minutes because I was so excited by what I heard by and I was shocked at the comments underneath. So I continued on listening looking at for Jennifer telling what people to do and that is NOT what she was saying at all. This is the problem is that people are looking at things to get mad at her for but she was very on point as a woman of Asian descent to for how people need to be aware of what they are depicting and how thats impacting PoC.