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Why is digital lineart so difficult.
Paul Z
I switched from tradition to digital a year ago and I realized I have made literally no progress. I find the hardest brush to use to be the hard round. Its lines are uninteresting when it draw them. I have no idea how artists create so natural looking lines so easily. I know they sometimes draw over their lines for varying thickness and vary their lineweights. But I can't even replicate some of their linework after tedious copying. Some samples of what I like in lineart are below.
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Perhaps there's some sort of technological glitch?
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Hey, @Paul Z! I think @LottaIn has a point, maybe check if the pressure sensitivity settings you’re using are appropriate to the kind of result you would like to obtain. The properties can be set differently depending on the type of device / tablet and on the software, as well as on your own personal preferences, of course. And, if you’re okay with sharing some examples of your own work with lineart to illustrate a bit more clearly the difficulties that you’re facing with it, I’d love to see, since it could help me make more specific comments. But here’s a trap you don’t wanna fall into: thinking that other artists do it easily. I’m pretty sure that all artists who make it look like as if it was easy must have had a good deal of mileage and training before getting comfortable with the process. At your disposal to continue this discussion, if you wish!
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Maybe it's a technical matter? Try various sensitivity pressure settings of your stylus. This can give more natural looking lines - thinner and brighter by little pressure. When the pressure sensitivity is set too high, even a light touch gives even, dark, thick lines - not varying much.
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