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Rayan Khlaif
I posted this same thing in painting community but I want to have more points of view from different people.. I'm really not sure what to do next.. what to practice, learn. I uploaded some of my work.. I would really appreciate some critiques :) Everything I drew/painted is from life except these two multifigure compositions (it was something like mastercopy but I added my own elements and more gesture to it) I'm thinking about studying in Florence classical art academy.. if someone know what to practice please tell me! By the way I'm 15 years old :)
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Adil Qureshi
I'm no expert so please ignore my advice if it is not relevant to what you would like to do in the future. But I would say you have a strong grasp on form, lighting and the colours on the fruit paintings are really nice. So i would say to study anatomy if you would like to progress with working on figure drawings/characters OR you could learn more about colour theory if you would like to progress with your paintings! hope you figure out what you would like to do!! :D
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Rayan Khlaif
Thank you so much for your comment! I think I will study anatomy in more detail.. I really love the classical academic approach to drawing (renaissance for example..). It will be really helpful in figure drawing/portraits. And I could learn the color theory in more detail too! It will be fun :) Anyways thank you for your comment again! Have a great day (or night :))
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