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Tobias Degnebolig
i have been drawing seriously for 7 mounth so not that long, after doodling for many years. I started 7 mounth ago with the Proko figure course which im stil on and in the end of the measurement asignment. i have been doing the drawabox on the side too, where im at the lesson 3. im a big fan of realistic art mostly Artists that i like for examples are - Jeremy geddes - Wlop - Eliza ivanova - Stephen Bauman - zhaoyang3665 as a few I was thiking of after being done with the proko figure to either go to the anatomy or portrait course, i has also been thinking of trying the barque book, or loomis or michael hampotons book on figure drawing. and would also love to hear peoples opinions on the bargues what would you guys receomend for me to go next thinking of the kind of art i like? either what of the courses i mentioned or if u got any other ideas of courses out there thank you in advance :D
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Jesper Axelsson
Hi @Tobias Degnebolig, When you feel comfortable with the figure drawing fundamentals, continuing with the anatomy course is a natural next step to improve your figure drawing. With the figure drawing course and the drawabox lessons you've acquainted yourself with two important fundamentals; gesture and form. I would recommend learning about other fundamentals aswell, like composition, shading and color ( I forgot to do this, so even if I learned a lot about anatomy I didn't really know how to make a beautiful image) Here's a few courses covering those topics: SHADING - (I would start here) Dorian Iten's "The Shading course" https://www.theshadingcourse.com/ or his pack here at proko https://www.proko.com/course/drawing-fundamentals-accuracy-values-light/lessons COMPOSITION "Creative Composition 2.0" at Society of Visual Storytelling https://courses.svslearn.com/courses/creative-composition-updated Also listen the Draftsmen Podcast episode on composition! https://www.proko.com/course-lesson/how-to-learn-composition-draftsmen-s2e15/notes COLOR Marco Bucci's "The Color Survival Guide". I haven't taken it myself, but Marco Bucci's stuff is usually good. https://www.proko.com/course/the-color-survival-guide/overview I'm sure there are many other great courses on the subjects, so don't feel obliged to follow my recommendations. I hope this was helpful and good luck :)
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