What are some ways to improve your art skill fast?
Dennis Yeary
So i am accepting that a.i. art is a thing and only thing to combat it is to become up my art skills where you master all the concepts. Any advice on that
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 Hi, im Htinlin Arkar from Myanmar(Burma).Im 21 now.Since i was kid i always love drawing. At my teenage i didn't draw and wasted my life with games. About 2 years ago i realize my life and i decided to train to become a artist.  In these 2 year i draw aleast 1 to 6 hours daily. I know i am progressing but it really slow and some didn't feel like improving at all.(studying head for about a year and i really can't invent head from imagination/ cant draw figure pose/ inconsistent proportion/line etc) I'm worrying my progress would be slow just like these years and couldn't make my living with drawing. Since i m not wealthy introverted high school drop out with no social connection,plus my country situation, i can't do anything other things.now i can depending on my family but not forever.   So i tried to encourage myself to go out and ask for help. I really need suggestions or advices or help, anything, from you guys. I will try myself to follow to your ways. If possible can anyone mentor me through my art training.🙏🙏🙏
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Maiken Rudser
these are really good! After just two years! give yourself more credit, that's not easy. If you keep going as you have, i'm sure you will keep improving. It takes a long time to train you mind, look at how far you come and keep practising. i look forward to seeing where you will be in a few years. Dont give up and keep going!
Dennis Yeary
Maybe you are right I should do art for the passion not take some shortcut
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