Velázquez studies
Alexey Skliar
Tried to challenge myself to draw a study of Velázquez a day for a week. Was very fun and intersting experience. Besides the fact that drawing Velázquez is like eating a delicious candy you can't really get enough, i guess the main takeaway from the experience is that instead of doing 100 brushstrokes its better to do 10 but in the right place and its gonna look more realistic. Also the light and shadow is very clear wich makes forms more readable, If anyone studied Velazqquez or any other classical painter i would like to hear what you've learned from it. Also any feedback on the studies is welcome.
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Christopher Beaven
Great studies! How long did each take you? Economy of brush work is so difficult. It takes a ton of focus and knowledge of form. The artists that I've studied for this has been Joaquín Sorolla and John Singer Sargent. But if you want earlier I would go with Franz Hals as well. The essential improvement I can see with your work is getting a deeper understanding of form. What I mean by this is knowing in your head exactly how the body of the horse flows through space so well that you could rotate the horse in any angle and draw it. Of course you don't have to be that good... Like Kim Jung Gi.... but a better understanding will help you render the light on the forms. I point this out because most of the forms in these painting appear flat. They don't have the full illusion of depth they could have. If you want to improve your perception of form I would suggest lessons. Marco Bucci has a wonderful course called Understanding and Painting the Head that is great as well. And of course Proko manichenization. (which I never spell right) Hope that helps! Keep up all the hard work!!! Very inspiring, I need to paint more!
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Alexey Skliar
Thank you Christopher for feedback! As always very valuable. These drawings took around 4-6 hours, last one took the longest couse it's multiple figures. Yea I need to work on the form more. Mostly when doing studies I try to focus on likeness,color and brushwork, idk if that's the right way to go about it. Thank you for artists recommendations.