Torso anatomy and rotating the mannequin
Hey everyone, I tried 2 things here to improve my understanding 1. rotating the mannequinn in space 2. Add the torso anatomy on top of the mannequin I would more than appreciate any feedback on these
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Kristian Nee
Hey @gwench! These are really solid, stylistically they're working and they gesture / proportion are getting there. The things I'd say are to keep and eye on your proportions, and "draw through" more. Proportions - If you look at the rib cage on the left drawing, it's a bit too small. In terms of anatomy, I can tell you're starting to gain some real knowledge. That being said, the less proportionally correct your basic shapes are (rib cage in this example) the anatomy won't be able to connect properly. "Draw through" - It looks like a bunch of your basic shapes aren't working as a whole. For example the legs and the hips seem to be on different planes of the body, so when you start rendering / adding anatomy you'll run into that problem of things not connecting properly. Drawing through means drawing the shapes all the way instead of stopping when it is overlapped by something. I recommend re-watching stan's How to Draw Structure in the Body – Robo Bean Misc notes - You're getting there, but your lines are a bit stiff. Adding the boxes does help for making the forms read, but it can kill the story of the drawing. I'd recommend trying to simplify your drawings a bit.
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