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The benefits of Master Copy Studies
The Asian Sam
Hi, this is a recent master copy study of Master Sin Jong Hun. While I get criticized because I make it look way to similar to the original whenever I post my study online, I had to admit that I learned a lot just from this 1 study. I am not a landscape painter and I currently learning how to create my own landscape from imagination. However, doing this study make me believe that I could achieve this level of detail someday in the future. I followed Hun’s workflows, and I learnt about the composition, the technical aspects, the texture, the details, how to do trees, mountains, grass, flowers, and houses. I started to understand how the atmospheric perspective and how the color changes with it. It is incredible dissecting the artwork and understanding how the master do it. I highly recommend artist who is working on landscape to study this piece and other detailed master works.
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Looks brilliant!!
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How intentional were your changes in the tree structures? Your study is well done. I do have a preference for the original swelling out around the point of tree branches. I feel like you straightened the large tree in the foreground. This and a few other distinct differences look like you learned from but also were willing to make it your own (chimney, lamp, house back further...) I love the study.
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The Asian Sam
I didn't try to copy the elements exactly 1 to 1. I just took a quick glance at the tree in the foreground and try my best to recreate the tree in my style and compare with the original later on. I sized the original down to a very small scale and try to look at it as little as possible, I only look at it when I finish rendering a element or when I need to do some correction.
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